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    Here’s a really interesting list, titled “25 Facts You Should Share for School Lunch Week,” and although School Lunch Week was in October, there is no point in waiting until next October to become informed about these matters. Of course, consulting the original article is recommended.
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    I love this time of year - it makes healthy eating so much easier to do and if you are trying to lose weight or wanting to lose stomach fat, then the summer months make everything a lot easier - provided you steer clear of the heavy calorie foods and summer cocktails!
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    When we are following a weight loss, stomach fat busting or healthy eating plan it is impossible to be good all of the time and it is very common to fall off the wagon. But when we do slip up on our weight loss plans
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    Childhood Obesity News has been looking at schools and the problems connected with their ability to impact the childhood obesity epidemic. Since this became a national concern, several interesting side issues have arisen, and perhaps the most shocking is the water story.
  • Some new research suggests that supplementation with Melatonin could help you lose weight.1 Typically, you will hear about melatonin and its involvement in helping to regulate sleep cycles, but in this case researchers discovered
  • Garlic Crusted Pork Roast
    I had a pork top loin roast to cook up so I decided to try cooking it like I do my prime rib. I mixed my favorite prime rib seasoning (which happens to be amazing on pork too) with lots of minced garlic and olive oil.
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    Just recently, Childhood Obesity News discussed public schools - the celebration of holidays in them, the bringing of treats to them, and the holding of bake sales to financially support them.
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    A calm, healthy pregnancy and postpartum period could reduce the risk of allergies in your baby, according to a new Swedish study.
  • Actress Hudson arrives at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Art + Film Gala
    Award show season is right around the corner, starting up again with the People’s Choice Awards in January and this also means Celebrity weight loss season has kicked in. Red carpets are rolled out as paparazzi line up
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    Childhood Obesity News has been talking about holiday problems, including the superabundance of food in many households. A mom/hostess might fix lots of healthy snacks, but a bachelor uncle will probably stop off at the
  • Many of us have had the idea that increased physical activity will decrease our body weight, but new research suggests otherwise. In a recent study showed “among women consuming a usual diet, physical activity was associated with less weight gain only among women whose BMI was lower than 25.
  • Turkey Cutlets with Cranberry Coulis
    This recipe is great for those who are aren't in the mood to roast a huge turkey for Thanksgiving but still want to get their turkey/cranberry fix. I simply seasoned the turkey cutlets then lightly floured them before cooking them with a bit of olive oil.