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  • KeefX.Co

    Cannabis Fintech Firm KeefX.Co Solves the Growers Payment Issues

    As the U.S. marijuana marketplace has exploded over the course of the last decade, one key issue has been plaguing new cannabis-focused businesses across the country: the inability to pay Growers on time.
  • Brazilian booty lift

    Brazilian Booty Lift Gives Female Entrepreneurs The Opportunity To Kick Start Their Business

    There are some stubborn pockets of fat that even vigorous exercise and a strict diet won’t vanquish. It can be frustrating to put in the work but not see the results that you want.
  • How to Save Money on Your Monthly Period

    Your Wallet Doesn't Need to Flow Every Month, Too

    Sanitary products are essential items that you cannot simply ‘go without’, yet some may struggle to afford. Here are some items that could help you save money in the long run.
  • Health Informatics and COVID-19: Risks Patients Face

    Health Informatics and COVID-19: Risks Patients Face

    What once was a small, new illness has become a worldwide pandemic.
  • 5 ways to recover from exercise-induced soreness and inflammation

    5 Ways To Recover From Exercise-Induced Soreness And Inflammation

    The muscle soreness and joint pain that you experience after working out is more often than not a nuisance that can turn out to be scary. You are shocked at how brutal it feels.
  • Canzon CBD

    How to Buy CBD: 4 Questions to Ask

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is experiencing an explosion in popularity throughout Europe, the US, and beyond. You may be curious as to the reason behind this boom, and want to know if CBD may be beneficial for you.
  • tape measure

    Top 15 Best Diet Supplements To Lose Weight Right At Home

    Health supplements are the new rage.  More and more people have begun flocking towards diet supplements to lose weight the easy way. Tied to the desire of superior health and enviable fitness, women are a major part amongst the consumers of these supplements and there’s a great upside to it. As more information is starting to surface around the effectiveness of diet supplements, so is its consumption rate. 
  • CBDistillery Relief Relax

    I Used CBD for 30 Days – Here’s What Happened

    CBD is a naturally occurring compound derived from the Cannabis sativa L. plant. Unlike THC (the most prevalent active ingredient), CBD does not provide give users a “high” sensation. Instead, the most common reported effects of CBD are relaxation and calmness. Many scientific studies have been performed to gauge exactly how it interacts with the brain and nervous system.
  • Instagram For Healthcare Practitioners: Using Instagram To Attract Patients

    Instagram For Healthcare Practitioners: Using Instagram To Attract Patients

    Most people in the healthcare industry believe that the majority of Instagrammers are mostly the "Gen Z" and teenagers, many of whom are more interested in the flashy stuffs that Kylie Jenner posts rather than their health.
  • 7 Checklists To Read Before You Buy Viagra

    7 Checklists To Know Before You Buy Viagra

    Nowadays, men can purchase the impotence pill Viagra with no prescription at UK pharmacies online.
  • Zip'r4 Leisure Travel Scooter

    Top 3 Best Indoor Mobility Scooters in 2020

    As we age, we find ourselves becoming less and less mobile, making it difficult for us to get around. This is exacerbated by preexisting health conditions such as physical injuries, various heart and lung diseases, arthritis and osteoporosis, as well as Parkinson's disease and other cognitive disorders.
  • Healist sleep range

    The Science of How CBD Can Help You Sleep Better

    At least seven hours of sleep is widely regarded by scientists as vital for a healthy life, but a 2016 study from the Centers for Disease Control revealed that a full third of American adults don’t get that much. Stress, overwork, excessive screen time and more can all contribute to an inability to fall asleep.