Revolutionary Blood Test Could Predict Death

You may soon be able to predict your death and do something to prevent it. Researchers developed a new simple blood test that promises to give the “most accurate” information on a person’s risk of dying. 

Developers said the blood test could predict if a person may die within the next 10 years. It uses more than a dozen of biomarkers to analyze the current and future condition of the body.

To see how the mortality test works, the scientists gathered data from 44,168 people aged between 18 and 109 for 16 years. During the study, more than 5,500 participants died. 

The team then looked at 14 different biomarkers in the participants, including both good and bad cholesterol levels, amino acid levels, inflammation, fatty acid imbalances, immune response and glucose control. These biomarkers can have either positive or negative effects on general health. 

Results showed that the mortality test predicted death of people with 83 percent accuracy. Researchers said their method provides the most accurate results compared to any existing conventional models with the same purpose, RT reported Wednesday

“If the blood test indicates your physical vulnerability, if it tells you how long you’ll live, and your family see that and you change your lifestyle, you may live twice as long,” Dr. Joris Deelen of the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Aging in Germany, said. 

Mortality Test: Potential Use And Problems

The mortality test has the potential to change how drug manufacturers test their products. The method can be used to see how new drugs affect the mortality rate of the elderly. 

It also uses biological age and not calendar age to see a person’s risk of having future illnesses. However, more studies are required before introducing the blood test to the market. 

The researchers tested the method only with people of European descent. Future efforts should involve different ethnicities to confirm the effectiveness and accuracy of the blood test.

The developers also noted testing blood samples to date would not provide a concrete prediction of how long people can live. But the test provides important information on a person’s current health and physical vulnerability.

Blood Test Researchers created a new blood test that could predict a person's risk of dying in the future. Pixabay