Scientists Call For More Ambition In Order To Save Marine Biodiversity

During the last decade, our oceans have seen a rapid expansion in areas that are designated as marine protected areas (MPA). Despite this, there is still an observed continual decline in marine biodiversity, prompting scientists to call for more ambition from the government in order to prevent more damage.

Scientists Call For Government Action

Amid the progress being made in order to preserve our oceans, studies show that marine biodiversity is still experiencing a decline, placing at risk the health of our oceans and their role in sustaining a lot of the life living on Earth.

Because of this, a group of marine scientists from the U.K. reportedly called on the government to increase the actions being taken in order to save the oceans. Led by the Marine Conservation Research Group at the University of Plymouth, the researchers’ suggestion to overhaul the current approach to marine conservation management comes from decades’ worth of experience of conservation and fisheries management. As such, their four key recommendations come from a place of expertise of critical know-how.

The four recommendations include uniting conservation policy and fisheries management since the two depend on each other, enabling the repair and renewal of marine habitats rather than just letting them operate in their current degraded state, developing a similar approach to managing the health of the entire ocean that moves beyond MPAs and establishing better processes in order to understand the benefits of ocean protection in a format that leaves no doubt about the links between ocean protection, human lives and their livelihoods. These recommendations are reportedly published in the journal Marine Policy.

 "2020 is a critical year for ocean protection as we build towards the UN Decade of Ocean Science, and a year where Governments have been invited to step up and support action to halt the global decline in marine biodiversity. In this 'super year' for the ocean it is within the gift of U.K. Government to set an increased ambition for ocean conservation. This would support the Governments ambition to be 'the first generation that leaves the environment in a better state than that in which we inherited it' and establish the U.K. as a global leader in fisheries management and marine conservation," Dr. Sian Rees, the paper’s lead author, said.

Dolphins, manatees and other marine life perish in Indian River Lagoon 51 dolphins have perished this year in the midst of a marine death wave in Florida's Indian River Lagoon. Creative Commons