Scientists On A Race To Develop Cure For Coronavirus

­According to the newest update, scientists from all over the world including the United States and Australia, are reportedly working hand in hand and using the latest technology to develop a vaccine for the spreading deadly coronavirus outbreak from China. 

Infecting more than 37,000 people and killing around 800 (with the numbers still rising), the new virus has reportedly spread from China late last December 2019 and has since spread not just in China but other countries as well. Reports of cases have already been made in more than two dozen countries, showing just how deadly the growing epidemic is. As such, the World Health Organization has seen it fit to declare the virus as a global public health emergency.

Developing A Vaccine

Usually, developing a vaccine to target a specific virus takes years and involves the stressful and lengthy process of testing on animals, conducting human clinical trials, and eventually getting regulatory approvals. However, a number of teams made up of experts are reportedly racing to make one much quicker, thanks to an ambitious, multi-million coalition that is aimed at combating any emerging diseases. As per scientists in Australia, they are hoping that they can make one in six months’ time.

"It is a high-pressure situation and there is a lot of weight on us," Keith Chappell, senior researcher and part of the group from Australia's University of Queensland, said.

However, the scientist also stated that he “took some solace” in the fact that several teams from all over the world are also working on the same mission to solve the current drug problem.

"The hope is that one of these will be successful and can contain this outbreak," he added.

Using Technology To Beat The Virus

Per the body, the mission’s main goal is to use new technology that can make vaccines for any possible virus outbreaks that can happen in the future. According to its CEO Richard Hatchett, the aim was to start clinical testing in just 16 weeks.

Experts, however, are still worried that even with a shorter development time, six months is still a long wait for people.

Coronavirus The 2019-nCoV, a new type of coronavirus, was first discovered at a small animal and seafood market in the city of Wuhan in China. Pixabay