Sex On Your Period: Menstrual Discs For Women Tout 'Mess-Free' Sex, Without Toxic Shock Syndrome Risk

Periods are a natural part of every woman's life — it's there for the best of times and the worst of times. Most women have their own view on whether or not to have period sex; pros include alleviating cramps, and the cons include blood getting everywhere. One feminine care company has designed a menstrual product that allows women to have “mess-free period sex.”

Similar to a menstrual cup, the anti-tampon alternative, called Flex, collects rather than absorbs the blood. However, the key difference is that it's inserted straight in and then down to the base of the cervix tucked in behind the pubic bone, rather in the vaginal canal. According to the manufacturer, the menstrual disc is hypoallergenic, BPA-free, and won't cause toxic shock syndrome, while providing a 12-hour, leak-proof seal.

Flex menstrual disc The Flex Company promises "mess-free period sex" with 12-hour leak-free protection menstrual disc. Photo courtesy of The Flex Company

 CEO Lauren Schulte says women have responded very well to the 12-hour leak-free protection, cramp reliefs, and disposability. "Flex is so shockingly comfortable that women tell us they forget they're on their period while they're wearing it,” Schulte told Techcrunch.

It may be women, more than men, who cringe at the idea of having sex during menstruation. An online survey several years ago by found that three-quarters of the men polled said they'd like to have period sex — so long as it was with a wife or girlfriend in a serious relationship. Flex says it has received orders for 250 million of its menstrual discs since April, with 20 percent of its customers being men.