Shelby County Announces New Bar, Restaurant Restrictions As Coronavirus Cases Rise

The Shelby County Health Department has announced new restrictions on bars and restaurants after witnessing a surge in coronavirus cases in the county.

On Tuesday, the department ordered for the closing of bars once again. On the other hand, restaurants will now have to close at 10 p.m. amid the pandemic. Both orders will be imposed starting on Wednesday.

Under the new directive, all bars, limited service restaurants, clubs and adult entertainment venues should be closed. The directive also reiterates that festivals, fairs, parades, big sporting events and large scale community gatherings are not allowed.

"The goal is safety while balancing the needs of citizens to receive the necessities of life, i.e., food and shelter, allowing people to work in a safe manner, and further ensuring the availability of resources to the community.  Every effort should be made by providers of essential and other services to take steps to stop the spread of this deadly disease. These actions are meant to protect everyone," the department said in its official statement.

According to Shelby County Health Director Alisa Haushalter, they noticed that the number of coronavirus cases in the county started to increase following Memorial Day. She added that it is now very important for everyone to take action to flatten the curve so that the trend would no longer move upwards.

"What we know is you really can’t drink at a bar if you have a mask on. You have to take it off. When you take it off you tend to be talking with other people and that’s high risk for transmission," Haushalter said, as quoted  by News Channel 3’s

Public officials in the county also agreed to reinforce the wearing of face coverings for anyone over 12 years of age when in public places and in spaces where social distancing is limited.

They believe that with the new restrictions in place and the mandatory wearing of face masks in public places, the coronavirus cases in the county could go down in numbers really soon.

coronavirus-testing-ap More testing is needed in the United States before the country can reopen, according to a study from Harvard Matthias Schrader/AP