Shelter Dog Dies 48 Hours After Adoption; Reportedly Diagnosed With Parvovirus

Gary and Shelley Myers, a husband and wife from North Texas, recently adopted a dog from the Fort Worth animal shelter. Unfortunately, less than 48 hours after taking their new family member home, the dog died due to parvo, a highly contagious viral illness.

The family said that they decided to adopt the dog after seeing a WFAA report. Per the report, there was overcrowding in the facility and to help remedy this, the city was offering 10-dollar adoptions for one weekend.

According to Myers, the dog, which they named Texas, appeared to be healthy when he and his wife adopted it. They weren’t warned of any symptoms either. The couple bought the dog a new bed after taking him home, with Gary saying that he felt attached to the dog the moment they walked out with him.

“They’re your kids at this point,” he said.

Unfortunately, come the next day, the dog started vomiting, which only got worse throughout the day. Myers then took Texas to the veterinarian, who diagnosed him as with parvo.

Highly contagious and viral, parvo comes from a virus and is most common in its intestinal form. It’s usually characterized by lack of appetite, diarrhea, weight loss and in Texas’ case, vomiting. Treatments include vaccination, although it includes veterinary hospitalization, and can be quite expensive. In untreated cases, mortality can also reach 91 percent.

Myers left Texas at the vet to be treated. However, the dog did not survive the viral infection.

Per the Fort Worth Animal Shelter, the incident was an unfortunate one, and they wish no such outcome for the people who adopt pets from them. Furthermore, animals are also examined after coming in to the shelter and given proper vaccines after. There are few cases, however, when the animal already has an infection. Following this, the shelter also offers insurance programs and a free veterinary visit for animals that are adopted.

Despite this, Myers said that he’s willing to adopt a dog from the shelter again.

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