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Should Parents Recommend The Vegan Diet To Their Kids?

Should parents recommend vegan diet to their children?

It’s certainly an “out-there” question since being vegan, while having its own set of health benefits, has some sort of negative connotation, to say the least.

Despite all that is said about it, some families have actually started adopting it, with some teens choosing it for the obvious health reasons. But what exactly is a vegan diet?

Basically, a vegan diet is made up of only plant-based products, which means no meat and fish. Furthermore, unlike vegetarian diet, it also distances itself from animal products, which means no dairy products like eggs and cheese as well. And while most people choose them since they are low in saturated fat and are known for its health benefits, some choose them for philosophical reasons, sustainability and as a way to avoid hurting animals.

Is it something your children should try? Here’s what you should know first.

Vegan Diet For Children

First off, growing kids need to have a lot of calories and protein. Plant-based foods tend to have fewer calories than animal-based ones. And while too much calories can be bad, children still need it to grow and support daily activity. Protein is also very crucial since it helps with muscle building and all sorts of other bodily processes. Furthermore, protein is also easier to get from animal products since the ones you get from plants are less accessible to the body.

Simply put, a vegan diet may be too restricting for the nutritional needs of a child.

But if you still want to try, here are some key minerals and vitamins that should still be present:

  1. Calcium – This is critical for bone health and dairy is its easiest source. However, it’s also present in broccoli, kale and bok choy.
  2. Iron – Crucial in keeping our blood and body healthy and strong. You can give this to your child via multivitamins.
  3. Fiber – Thankfully, vegan diets have too much fiber, so you don’t need to worry about this one.
  4. Vitamin B12 – Since this is hard to get from a vegan diet, consider multivitamins as well.

Vegan The vegan diet mainly provides very low fat but is high in carbohydrates. Pixabay

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