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Should You Track Your Metabolism To Lose Weight?

It is important to get a belly full of food that supports your weight goals. Know the macronutrients that your body needs for daily functions, to boost performance and to speed up or control weight loss. 

Carbohydrate, fat and protein are the three important macronutrients that people need. However, you may want to consume more of the other depending on your diet and weight plans.

The body typically uses carbs to generate energy. It is broken down into glucose for immediate use and a certain amount turns into glycogen to be stored in the muscles and liver for later use.

Using carbs for energy requires less oxygen than other macronutrients. That is why the body uses it more often during high intensity exercise.

Fat can help provide the body with energy when exercising at low intensity. The third macro protein serves as a fuel when fat and carbs are low but it is known for helping build and repair of muscle.

How To Pick Your Macro

To help people determine when carbs, fat or protein is needed, a company released a device, called Lumen, that promises to help in managing fuel sources. Twin sisters Michal and Merav Mor, both with PhDs in physiology, launched the technology via a successful Indiegogo campaign.

“Lumen provides our users their metabolic state – whether their body is using more fat or carbs for as their metabolic fuel,” Tomer Harry, Lumen vice president of product, said as quoted by Cycling Weekly. “Furthermore Lumen provides our users a metabolic flexibility score (Flex) which is an indication of how efficient is the user shifting between fat and carbs.”

A study by researchers at San Francisco State University also backs the data from the device. Lumen can provide users with daily feedback based on their metabolic state and other collected data, including macros, physical activity, sleep and fasting.

“Lumen users are encouraged to take a measurement to see if their body is fueled for a workout, and after the workout they can measure the impact of the workout on their body,” Harry said. “For example some users were able to see the impact of a cycling workout compared to a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout and understand how they should fuel the body before the workout.”

Weight Maintaining the weight after achieving weight loss goals is important by keeping up an equal motivation and focus. Pixabay