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Should You Use Body Lotion As Face Moisturizer?

For some people, their skin care routine is as important as their daily meals. They regularly buy and use products that help keep their skin healthy and glowing. 

However, skin maintenance can be costly. This pushes some people towards products that may be less expensive but can be risky when improperly used. 

Body moisturizer is one of the most widely used skin care products. But many people also use the products on parts of the body where it may not work, such as the face.  
Face and body moisturizers may look the same but they are sold separately because they serve different purposes. There are reasons why you should avoid using a body lotion from head to toe. 

Skin experts said body moisturizers may cause unwanted effects on people with oily skin or prone to acne. The facial skin can be highly sensitive to chemicals only made for parts of the body below the chin. 

Moisturizers depend on traits of your facial and body skin. A body lotion commonly focuses on firming, cellulite or spider veins, while the facial version of the product works on pores, dark spots, oiliness, wrinkles and fine lines, cosmetic chemist Ginger King told Allure

Body lotions also have thicker emollients to protect and hydrate skin. King said these products contain more butter, oil and film formers that could be too heavy for the face. 

Some body lotions may also contain fragrances. Such chemicals for added scent may cause irritation on the facial skin. 

To protect the delicate facial skin, manufacturers add specialized ingredients to facial moisturizers. Each product focuses on the kind of skin that it targets. 

Shari Lipner, a dermatologist in New York City, said the skin on the face is thinner than on other parts of the body. The human face has the highest concentration of sebaceous glands, which work to produce oil, according to Healthline.

Howevers, experts noted using body moisturizer on your face may not cause serious skin conditions. But they noted it may not provide remarkable results. 

Lipner said thinner facial skin may not absorb thick body moisturizers. The product may also irritate the skin and clog pores.

She added many body products do not have sun protection. The face is highly exposed to the sunlight, which requires products that could block UV rays. 

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