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Signs Keto Diet Is Not Working For You

Some people lose significant weight by following the keto diet. This is what made the diet plan so popular. However, some followers of this trendy diet do not really see the results they long for. If you are one of them, then you need to realize that the keto diet may not be meant for you.

Below are signs that would tell you why the ketogenic diet is not working or won’t work for you:

You are repulsed by eating too much fat

A journal published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine said the keto diet requires you to eat at least 80 to 90 percent of fat to maintain the process called ketosis. This involves the burning of fat instead of glucose as a source of energy for the body. For some, eating too much fat is bearable while others feel like hurling. Some people prefer to eat protein and healthy carbohydrates instead of avoiding them, as per mindbodygreen. If you are one of those people, the keto diet might not be for you.

You can experience keto flu

Others experience bowel problems a few days into ketosis. This condition is called keto flu. It is a common side effect of the diet as your body still adjusts to the new metabolism process of burning fat instead of glucose for energy. If it persists after a few weeks, this would tell you that your body does not adjust to the keto diet as much as others do.

It is mentally and emotionally challenging

Sticking to a routine is a challenge in itself especially when you do not prepare food at home. When you eat out, it may be mentally challenging for you to always analyze the nutrient and food content of each meal since the restaurant you pick may not have keto diet choices. It could also be emotionally challenging when the diet causes bad breath while talking to other people. This signifies that the keto diet is not sustainable for your lifestyle and overall wellness.

Your body needs more glucose

Dr. Mitch Kanter, Ph.D. claimed that carbohydrates are the most efficiently metabolized nutrient of the body. He said that it breaks down faster when one engages in high-intensity exercises — a common routine among athletes. Carbs are even considered as the primary macronutrient to sustain and improve physical performance. Since the keto diet shuns eating too much carbs, it may not be an advisable diet for athletes.

Weight loss is slow to zero

The most obvious sign that the keto diet is not working for you is the absence of weight loss. The program has been famous for its ability to allow the body to lose weight faster. If you are not losing at least a pound per week then the keto diet is not an effective weight loss plan for you.