Simple Diet And Lifestyle Changes To Help You Beat Diabetes

Diabetes is a pretty common and deadly disease in both the U.S. and the U.K. To add to that, it can increase your risk of suffering from life-threatening complications if you get infected with COVID-19. Thankfully, here are some simple lifestyle changes you can make to help fight it.

Keeping Yourself Strong: Lifestyle Changes To Help Protect Yourself From Diabetes

Diabetes, which is a disease that occurs when your blood sugar is too high, is one of the most common conditions in both the U.S. and the U.K. Maybe your doctor already warned you against it, or maybe you already have it, and is already taking medication for it. Whichever the case, going through the current coronavirus pandemic makes it harder to sleep at night because getting infected with COVID-19 just makes it all worse.

Fortunately, there is growing research that says diabetes, specifically type 2, can be reversed. Here are some lifestyle changes that can help you achieve it.

Act now

People who succeed at fighting diabetes don’t sit around and wait, and immediately act now.  This means starting on a weight loss diet as soon as possible since it can prevent the onset of a full-blown condition.

Stop consuming sugary drinks

This means no sodas, fizzy cans and fruit juices that are filled with sugar. Instead, opt for tea or the usual water. You will be doing yourself a very big favor by doing so. Aim for two to three liters of water per day too.

Follow Mediterranean diet

Heralded as one of the best diet options available today, this diet will have you eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, nuts and pulses, and can easily cut your diabetes risk by about 80 percent.

Stop smoking

If you’re a smoker, then the best time to stop is yesterday. And if you’re not one, then don’t even think about starting. Smoking increases your risk by 40 percent and it gets higher the more sticks you burn.

Sleep properly

Research also says that going to bed on time is helpful for your blood sugar levels because it helps stabilize it. As such, aim for a consistent sleeping schedule.

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