Singapore Reopens Its Schools Despite The Coronavirus Pandemic: How Come?

According to reports, schools in Singapore recently reopened Monday, just right after the regular March holidays given to the students and amid the rising number of coronavirus cases in the country. How is this possible?

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Thankfully, Singapore’s government was able to provide an answer. On Sunday, March 22, Singapore Education Minister

Ong Ye Kung outlined the country’s reasons for deciding to reopen schools even while the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing and showing no signs of stopping. Additionally, the outline also provided a glimpse into how decisions are made to fight the coronavirus in the country.

According to the minister, Singapore’s decision was based on science, and was made with an analysis of how their current society works and how it’s responding against the virus. Furthermore, he also explained that it’s because there is an abundance of scientific evidence saying that the virus affects the elderly more than it does young people, especially children. In fact, there are very few cases of children getting infected by the coronavirus, and even those that do get infected only get mild symptoms at the most.

Additionally, there is also very few evidence that point the young are spreaders of the coronavirus, with the available data saying that it is in fact the elderly people at home that are affecting children.

“There have only been a few students hit by COVID-19 in Singapore, and every single one caught it outside of their schools,” the minister said.

As such, the decision to reopen the schools is very important since closing them “will disrupt many lives,” citing parents who have no domestic helpers and are both working. Furthermore, he also said that at the moment, the country is worried more about the providers of essential services and healthcare workers because they are the frontliners of this pandemic.

“Keeping our healthcare system strong is paramount in the fight against COVID-19. Our frontline warriors will be much more assured if their children are in school, meaningfully engaged, in a safe and healthy environment,” the minister added. “In that sense, schools remain safe places for children, especially as they seem to be more resilient against the virus.”

Wuhan Coronavirus Wuhan seafood market closed after the new coronavirus was detected there for the first time on January 1, 2020. SISTEMA 12/Wikimedia Commons

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