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Skin Care Shocker: Woman In Semi-Comatose State After Using Contaminated Cream

Tragedy has fallen unto a woman from Northern California after using a skin-care cream that she reportedly ordered from Mexico, since it resulted to her entering a semi-comatose state after it has been confirmed that a dangerous ingredient is present in the cream.

Per the Sacramento County Public Health, the skin-care cream apparently had a poisonous form of mercury called methylmercury, which could cause extensive damage in the brain and nervous system. The women reportedly succumbed to it and fell ill sometime in early June.

According to experts, this particular case is the first-ever of its kind to be reported in the U.S., and so people are discouraged from using similar creams that are bought from the same sources since the same thing might happen to them.

Mercury Poisoning

As per a statement from the Sacramento County Public Health, it’s now working closely with the state to investigate the matter, which includes testing similar creams in the area for mercury, and hopefully prevent any more incidents.

With that being said however, the case is not the first time that the agency has seen people developing adverse reactions from creams that are either homemade or tainted, since in the last nine years alone, there have been around 60 reported cases, with more possibly unknown.  However, all the previous cases had forms of mercury that are much less toxic than methylmercury.


Currently bedbound and not speaking, the woman is confirmed to be 47 years old and apparently have been purchasing the same cream for more or less 12 years. Also available for purchase in the U.S., the product claims to help smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles. However, one of the woman’s children have confirmed that even before taking the cream, she already knew something was already added to it.

“It’s really hard, you know, pretty much just knowing who my mom is… who she… her personality, She’s a very active woman, you know, early in the morning, get up, do her morning exercises, walks with her dog,” Jay, one of the woman’s children, said.

skin-care Sunblock can lose it's effectiveness if it becomes wet or if it's too old. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay