Slimming World Diet: How To Follow Eating Plan That Promises Weight Loss

Dieting is associated with self restraint and portion control. This is not true for the Slimming World diet that encourages people to indulge cravings, albeit with lesser limitations than other diets, making it the main factor behind its popularity. 

Slimming World, the organisation originating from the UK, spread its wings across the pond and started the U.S. chapter in 2017 that continues to grow in popularity. Margaret Miles-Bramwell founded the organisation as a weekly group, but as the diet’s popularity soared, it has grown into a multimillion-pound company. She is often the fixture of many tabloid stories since she’s achieved fame in the UK.  

The attraction to the diet lies in the camaraderie and support provided by the online community formed by more than 16,000 groups in the UK. Group meetings are either conducted virtually or in person led by a consultant working with Slimming World.

Discussions involve talking about personal experiences on unhealthy lifestyle choices that can be altered by sharing individual experiences and frustrations. Community involvement adds an element of relatability to the lonely trials and tribulations faced during dieting. 

Keto diet Slimming World Diet is an organisation based in U.K. and U.S that advises people on food intake without imposing severe food restrictions. zuzyusa/Pixabay

To help people help themselves further, eliminating the battle with food cravings is the goal of the diet. This is why the central philosophy of the diet is food optimization. It operates on the notion that one must eat delicious meals to utmost satisfaction,while adding extra bits of whole grains, calcium and fiber in moderation, so as to prevent any deficiency.

There are very little restrictions. Indulging in alcohol, sugary drinks and sweets occasionally is allowed. Calories should be counted for these high-calorie and fattening foods, referred to as syns, short for synergy. However, there is no need to count calories derived from other foods.  

So how does weight loss happen if you do not count calories for every meal?

Slimming World encourages dieters to optimally consume foods with low calories but are loaded with essential nutrients. The “free food” tag that comes with the diet tells people to eat as much as they want of low-calorie foods. Pasta, lean meat, rice, fish, fruit and vegetables meet the criteria, so they can be consumed in large quantities. High-calorie foods with very little nutritional benefits such as trans fat and alcohol have to be consumed with limitations. 

The Slimming World diet's principles and benefits are derived from following the regimen systemically in three steps with terminology used and accepted by proponents of the diet.

Step One: Eating free foods in unlimited quantities according to the list given out by consultants in the community. Examples are pasta, grains, pulses, starch, eggs which are fat-free, chicken, fish and lean meat.  

Step Two: Healthy extras are added to the diet depending on the kinds of free foods chosen, which generally includes calcium and healthy fat to avoid deficiencies.

Step Three: Syns, also known as synergy, is the only part of the diet where the calories are counted. Sweets, cookies, donuts, sugary drinks, fruit juices, candles, cakes and sodas can be consumed occasionally.

Overall, success depends on individual committment and self-motivation when doing the Slimming World diet.