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Some Americans Reportedly Gargling, Drinking Bleach To Protect Themselves From COVID-19

As per a new survey, some Americans are reportedly gargling and drinking bleach in order to protect them from coronavirus.

Survey Finds Americans Gargle Bleach To Protect Them From The Coronavirus

It appears that a number of Americans are using rather dangerous methods to help keep themselves safe from the COVID-19 pandemic – such as using products that should be nowhere near our bodies, much less our mouths and throats.

This is because a new survey made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that 39 percent out of its 502 adult U.S. residents admitted to engaging in practices that put them at risk of poisoning in the last few months, in a highly misguided attempt to protect themselves from the coronavirus pandemic.

These dangerous practices include drinking or gargling household cleaning products such as bleach solutions, soapy water and other types of cleaning solutions. The 10 percent of the survey participants also admitted that they inhale vapors from household cleaners and disinfectants, which can also be very dangerous.

As such, the report also noted that during the last few months, there has been an increase in calls to poison centers in regards to people that have been exposed to cleaners and disinfectants ever since the pandemic started.

“Despite the knowledge gaps and high-risk practices identified in this survey, most respondents believed that they knew how to clean and disinfect their homes safely; thus, prevention messages should highlight identified gaps in knowledge about safe and effective practices and provide targeted information using innovative communication strategies regarding safe cleaning and disinfection,” the researchers wrote. “These messages about cleaning and disinfection practices for COVID-19 prevention can be coordinated and disseminated through trusted sources of information such as national, state, and local public health agencies and medical providers.”

With the coronavirus pandemic seemingly coming out of nowhere, it’s normal for a lot of Americans to try and tackle the problems on their own, what with the lack of public health guidelines in some areas. However, the CDC also stated that more effort needs to be made in order to make sure that everyone is properly informed.

Disinfectant and COVID-19 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages people to regularly clean frequently touched objects, such as doorknobs and tables, to reduce the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus. Pixabay

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