'A Song About Space': Filipina Makes History By Finally Going To Space... Sorta

At last, a Filipina has now reached outer space… sorta. This is because Filipina singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan’s “A Song About Space” is now NASA’s theme song in their latest promotional video.

NASA Uses Reese Lansangan’s “A Song About Space” In Latest Promo Video

“Ooh space, oh how you baffle human race,” Reese Lansangan sings in her song “A Song About Space,” taken from her first album called “Arigato, Internet.” Raised in the Philippines, Reese’s lines about space is true for reasons more than one. Space, which is undoubtedly the human race’s final frontier, has always baffled us for the longest time, given that it’s basically a cosmically endless pool of science and mystery.

Well, as it turns out, American space agency NASA (best known for well, sending things and people to space) feels the same about space since they have recently used the tune as the theme song of their latest promotional video.

“We are launching humans from NASA Kennedy [Space Center] on May 27 with SpaceX,” NASA’s official Tweet accompanying the promotional video reads.

Reese, who’s well-known for being a science buff in addition to her music, is of course over the moon, pun intended. Not long after the video was out, Reese then took to Instagram to talk about how NASA recently reached out to her and inquired about a “super old and embarrassing” video from seven years ago, where she first sung the song.

And while she thought about taking down the video, she never did, and now she’s learned a lesson from it.

“Honor yourself always—your lovable, bewildering, sometimes even embarrassing self. Who knows? Even though you may not see it at the time, it could be something others find out of this world (last pun)!” she wrote in the post.

“It’s a big deal to me that my music was recognized by NASA, a presence that has inspired so many creative passion projects I’ve had over the years. I live for these magical moments when life feels a little bit larger. Stars align around me and I am but a girl, overwhelmed and constantly marveling,” she wrote in another Instagram post.

Oh space, how baffling (and wonderful) indeed.

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