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Soup Diet For Weight Loss: What You Need To Know

The soup diet generally lasts for about a week to ten days, sometimes even two weeks, depending on each person’s capacity to fast. During this time, significant weight loss is expected, up to 10 to 15 pounds as some dieticians claim. 

While the plan may vary for different soup diets, the basic concept remains the same. On the basic plan, you just need to consume soup two to three times a day, not excluding breakfast. In the 1980s, the cabbage-soup diet was popular, which then spurned the development of other soup diets according to lifestyle and palates. The varieties include canned soup, creamy soups, broth-based soup, chicken soup and homemade soup. 

Other such diets allow whole foods to be added to the regimen in moderation. Experts warn that soup diets may not be sustainable as they do not have all the nutrients required for a balanced diet. Soup diets are often not recommended as they are highly restrictive. However, nutrient-dense vegetable soups are better meal-substitutes that people can opt for if they are lacking nutrients.

Soups made according to recipes with the intention of nutrition could also work as part of the plan. According to a study based in America, soup consumption aided in the process of weight loss. But the study failed to look at soups as the sole component of the diet. In fact, no such study exists. Here are a few of the diets: 

Bean Soup Diet - Conceptualized by Michael Greger, the doctor who authored ‘How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease”, the bean soup diet is made of mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and pinto beans. It is eaten twice a day. You can also add healthy food to your diet, like other plant-based foods.    

Keto Soup Diet - Other than breakfast, drink four cups of keto soup spread across lunch and dinner. Soups on the keto diet can include chicken, bacon, low-carb vegetables and olive oil. Keto-friendly salads and snacks are allowed once a day. 

Broth Soup Diet - This diet spans about 7 day to 14 days. Home-made broth soups and canned broth soup that contain vegetables and protein are consumed. 

Cabbage Soup Diet - This 7-day long diet contains soups that include cabbage mixed with chicken soup or low-carb vegetable soup. Other low-calorie food can be added to the diet in moderation. 

Chicken Soup Diet - All meals other than breakfast consist of eating chicken soup in small portions through the day to reduce food craving and increase fullness. It is generally made with broth, cooked chicken and vegetables. 


The soup increases your intake of plant-based protein, vegetables and water. It leads to fullness and prevents unnecessary cravings.  


The goal is short-term without a sustainable long-term plan. Reduces consumption of whole foods and fruits drastically, thereby also reducing calories drastically. 

chicken soup Chicken soup. Pixabay