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Standing Desk: The Solution To The Dangers Of Prolonged Sitting?

Throughout history, standing desks have become very popular with office workers as a means of fighting the negative effects that prolonged sitting can give us over time. In fact, it’s not just employees working the daily 9-5 that have embraced this sort of culture since important figures throughout history have also used standing desks whenever working. Per history, people such as Philip Roth, Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, Lewis Carroll and even Leonardo da Vinci have been known to benefit from it.

These days, work culture has embraced standing desks as an easy and free way to help fight obesity. However, various researchers have debunked this claim, stating that the best way to fend off calories is to keep moving. But fret not since standing desks have their own benefits and they’re more inline with improving one’s health.

If you look at the numbers, there’s a clear reason to see why standing desks have become more commonplace. The number of sedentary job positions after all, has increased by up to 83 percent since the year 1950, creating a world where people who knows the dangers of sitting for a long time (heart disease, weight gain and cognitive decline) are essentially made to do exactly that eight hours a day.

Standing vs. Sitting

Per the World Health Organization, physical inactivity is a leading cause of death and noncommunicable disease worldwide. Furthermore, leading a lifestyle that employs an inadequate amount of physical activity can shorten our lifespan by three to five years as well as increase diabetes risk by 30 percent.

So, is the solution to stand? Well, not exactly since research has shown that prolonged probationary standing is just as bad for your body, contributing to muscle fatigue and back pain. So what’s the trick? Per various studies, it’s to sit less, stand up and of course, move more. Movement after all, is what helps reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, back pain and obesity.

The point is that standing desks aren’t just meant to stop you from sitting too much but to also encourage movement on your part. So sit less, stand up and get moving.

Standing Desk Rather than using standing desks for a prolonged period, experts recommend taking hourly breaks from sitting to walk around. Jacky Chiu/Unsplash