Study Finds Vegetarians Are Slimmer Than Meat Eaters

As per a new study, the less animal products that a person consumes, the lower their body mass index is. Not only that, but people who eat less animal products are also less likely to have the need to be extroverted.

New study Finds People Who Eat More Vegetables Are Slimmer

Well, it looks like vegetarians win again because a new study shows that people who eat less animal products that a person would eat have lower body mass index therefore the slimmer they are, especially when compared to meat eaters. Per the study, which was based on a survey made by the Allensbach Institute, one reason for this may be because following a more plant-based diet means that the person eats less processed food.

"Products that are excessively rich in fat and sugar are particularly fattening. They stimulate the appetite and delay the feeling of satiety. If you avoid animal foods, you consume fewer such products on average. People who eat predominantly vegetable foods may therefore absorb less energy," Evelyn Medawar, the first author of the underlying publication, which was published in the journal Nutrients, said. Additionally, vegetarian food also contains a lot of dietary fibers, which has a positive effect on the microbiome in our intestines.

"A person with a 1.2 point lower BMI on average either completely avoids certain animal products, such as the primary ones, and is on a vegetarian diet. Or she continues to eat meat and fish, but less often. Whether nutrition is ultimately the cause of lower body weight or whether other factors are responsible for it cannot be determined from the data. A follow-up study in cooperation with the University Hospital Leipzig will now shed light on this," Medawar said.

Additionally and on another note, the study also finds that following a more plant-based diet has an effect on our personality as well, with the results showing that vegetarians are more introverted than meat eaters.

"It is difficult to say what the reason for this is. It could be because more introverted people tend to have more restrictive eating habits or because they are more socially segregated because of their eating habits," Veronica Witte

, one of the study authors, said.

Vegetarian food What happens when you embrace a vegetarian diet? Photo courtesy of Pexels