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Surprise Birthday Party Causes 18 Family Members To Contract Coronavirus

After a surprise birthday party, at least 18 members of one family in Dallas reportedly caught the coronavirus.

Family Holds Surprise Birthday Party, Members Catch Coronavirus

According to latest news release, one family from Dallas reportedly held a surprise birthday party for one of its members last month. But it seems like the birthday party isn’t the only surprise they got since reports state that at least 18 members of the extended family unfortunately caught the COVID-19 disease.

Per Ron Barbosa, his family has always been close since they see each other practically every day. Unfortunately, that closeness led to some wrong decisions because even when under the COVID-19 pandemic, the family continued spending time together and even went as far as going golfing and holding a surprise birthday party for one of its members just last month.

This led to many members catching the coronavirus. Per reports, three of them became so ill that they had to be hospitalized, which include Barbosa’s 88 years old dad, his sister (who is going through chemotherapy for breast cancer) and his 86 years old mother.

"Everybody says, 'Oh, it's my family. I'm going to go see my brother. I’m going to see my cousin,' and they think that’s a safe word," he said in a recent interview.

According to Barbosa, who himself didn’t attend the gathering, they weren’t quite sure if the May 30 party was the cause of the virus spread. However, the time when they started seeing the symptoms coincided with the celebration.

"It’s a big loving family that gets together all the time and they have dinner and this just happened to be a surprise birthday dinner," Barbosa added.

Per Barbosa, his nephew was the first one who caught the disease at work, who might have spread it to other men in the family after going golfing with them.

"Next thing you know, the two nephews that basically live next door to him, they get the same cough and diarrhea, body aches, and they start getting sick. By the 6th [of June], there was a lot of symptoms. And by the 9th, people are getting really, really bad. And by the 13th, [my family] had to take my sister and my mom to the hospital," he said.

Barbosa, who works as a volunteer EMT and photographer, said that he and his wife practice safety measures and keep their distance when they see them. But he also said that not everyone in the family has been doing the same.

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