Sweden’s Unique Approach To Fighting Coronavirus Outbreak Backfires

Sweden is famous for being one of the few countries that decided to go the other way in handling the coronavirus pandemic and did not go for a lockdown. Now, some experts are saying this approach has resulted in a failure, leading to the amplification of the virus.

Swedish Approach In Handling The Pandemic Fails

When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the coronavirus from China is now a deadly global pandemic, the majority of nations all over the world opted for quarantine and countrywide lockdowns, closing down businesses, offices and other establishments that are deemed nonessential in order to make sure that everyone stays inside and doesn’t catch the virus.

Sweden, however, opted for a different approach, choosing to not impose any confinement measures to begin with. Of course, there were exceptions since secondary schools, museums, sports and gatherings of more than 50 people had been cancelled. Those who are over 70 had also been asked to stay at home while social distancing had been encouraged in public places. When asked why, the country said that it’s because of high levels of trust in Swedish society, saying that people can take precautions without being asked to.

However, these measures were minimal compared to the other standards set by countries. And now, observers are saying that it hasn’t worked because the virus in the country has been “amplified.” This is because, per statistics, COVID-19 cases in Sweden had been steadily rising since April, with the current number now standing at 29,000.

“We’re seeing an amplification of the epidemic, because there’s simply more social contact,” Lynn Goldman, dean of the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University in the U.S., said. Data compiled by Statista, a data analysis website, suggests that Sweden did poorly when compared to its Scandinavian neighbors.

Unfortunately, blame was quickly thrown around, with some experts saying that Sweden’s politicians are not taking responsibility, opting instead to blame scientific officials in their COVID-19 policies.

“The decisions that they are making are of course political – they make choices – and I think it is a problem that Swedish politicians have not taken visible responsibility for the strategy, as they have in the other Nordic countries,” Elisabeth Asbrink, a Swedish author, freelance journalist and prominent critic of the government’s approach, said. 

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