Teeth Of Massive Ancient Shark Megalodon Found In Mexico Cave

The megalodon is known as the largest shark ever documented. This gigantic creature went extinct millions of years ago and the scientific community has been discovering more evidence of its existence in different parts of the world. 

A diver recently discovered numerous teeth of a megalodon in Mexico. The discovery came surprising to scientists since it was in a flooded inland cavern near the city of Mérida in Mexico’s Yucatan state.

Kay Nicte Vilchis Zapata, a diver and underwater photographer, found the megalodon teeth while exploring the network of water-filled cavern, called Cenote Xoc, local newspaper The Yucatan Times reported

But how did the megalodon reached the cave in Mexico? The answer is the sea level hundreds of millions of years ago. 

Mexico was once under the sea. During the most dominant times of megalodons, about 15 million years ago, the Earth experienced a series of decrease in sea level, which potentially trapped one or some of the sharks in the Mexican cave. 

The Yucatán Peninsula has a number of cenotes or natural sinkhole, which forms when a limestone roof collapsed. These cenotes may contain long underwater channels and passageways.

Aside from the megalodon teeth, divers also found the remains of a young woman in the cave network. Tests showed the woman died about 14,000 years ago, making her the oldest human skeleton ever discovered in the U.S. 

The changes in sea level also left remains of megalodon in other parts of the world. Previous discoveries were reported found in every continent and in parts of North America, including the bottom of creeks in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida, IFLScience reported Monday

Evidence suggests the megalodon measured up to 18 meters or 60 feet from teeth to tailfin. Scientists believe these massive sharks roamed around the world’s oceans for nearly 13 million years ago, with the earliest megalodon fossils being 20 million years old and the youngest is 3.6 million years.

However, scientists said it is only the size of megalodon that they could estimate. They have yet to discover a complete megalodon skeleton to confirm its real shape and size. 

The only place without traces of megalodon is Antarctica. 

Megalodon tooth One of the discovered teeth of the megalodon, an ancient creature considered as the largest shark ever documented. Pixabay