Oh the damage we inflict on our hair. We consistently color it, curl it with heat, pull on it constantly to get it out of our faces, use products that hold the tresses together like glue.

And then we wonder why our hair is breaking.            

But which should you choose? From our research, we think the answer is Pura d’Or Original Gold Label Anti-Hair Thinning Shampoo.

A top-selling product for its effectiveness, this plant-based shampoo is made to prevent excessive hair loss that comes from breakage. The point is to stimulate still-healthy hair follicles, thereby reviving the hair. The formula includes biotin, pumpkin seed oil, rosemary oil, tea tree, cedarwood bark and argan oil.

Together, these 17 ingredients work to create a formula that is not only effective in blocking hair loss, but help you nourish and invigorate the hair follicles you still have, making them stronger in the process. And all that at a price that is still generally low compared to other anti-hair thinning products.

With a near-perfect 5-star rating among 22,800 reviews, it’s hard to argue. Notable reviews include one from a reviewer in his 50s who praised the product as preventing further hair loss on his head, while another in his late 20s said that it was effective in increasing the general thickness on his crown. The all-natural ingredients of the shampoo have been praised as well. Numerous reviewers posted before and after photos of their hair, with the “after” photos showing a significant decrease in hair loss. Finally, one also noted that the shampoo is effective even for sensitive scalps, so there’s no worry about potential irritation.

 We recommend Pura d’Or Original Gold Label Anti-Hair Thinning Shampoo for anyone who needs to repair damaged hair.

Medically reviewed by Yvonne Stolworthy, MSN, RN
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