In the days before baby monitors,  bedtime and naptime were (and still are) deserved respites for parents. But they didn’t necessarily relax during these periods. Leaving baby alone on the second floor of the house or way down a hall usually prompted a few visits to the nursery to see if all was well. But with a monitor, parents can breathe a little easier. That cry will let them know if they are needed. 

But which monitor should you buy?  Our recommendation is the Nanit Plus Camera. Here’s why. 

Made for parents with a more flexible budget for baby equipment, the Nanit Plus is a high-end baby monitor that delivers what it promises. Named one of the best inventions of 2018 by TIME Magazine, this baby monitor features two-way audio, a night light with gradual dimming, night vision, smart sensors and more. 

The 960-pixel HD camera features night vision for easier baby tracking. There are two models for mounting the camera, either on a wall or using a floor stand.  Using the monitor in an open space like the living room, for example, is as easy as propping it in the room of a nursery. Also, using the monitor with your smartphone lets you hear baby even while other apps are open or while your screen is locked. For an additional fee (after one year)  the Nanit will track the length and sleeping pattern of your baby. 

The Nanit Plus Camera is an Amazon’s choice product, garnering thousands of rave reviews and a 4/5 rating. Satisfied parents like how well the camera connects with their smartphone (as well as how patient the Nanit support team is), while others praised the Nanit for being easy to move and set up. The camera and its features are also praised highly, and a number of parents also noted the insights that the camera provides, which according to them, helps them get “closer” to their baby even when they’re far away. 

 The Nanit Plus Camera is our recommended high-end baby monitor that should stand the test of time… or more babies down the road. 

Article medically reviewed by Yvonne Stolworthy, MSN, RN.
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