Top Video Games To Help Boost Your Mood While Going Through The Pandemic

With the country still coping with the ongoing lockdown, a lot of people stuck inside their homes are starting to feel bored and lonely. Thankfully, video games are here to help keep us company, even lift our moods.

Lockdown Gaming

The idea to spend our time under lockdown playing video games isn’t new since the past couple of months saw gaming get its biggest increase in player base and amount of people playing in the shortest amount of time ever. And for many health experts, even World Health Organization (WHO), it’s a good sign because gaming itself has the capacity to help lift our spirits and tide us over until the pandemic ends. It also can just help you pass the time and almost all of them have online capabilities that let you connect with other players from all over the world.

But if you’re someone who just wants to lift their mood, it can be tricky to choose what to play. Of course, our recommendation is to play what you think you will like. But if you still need a heads-up, then here are some of the best titles:

Kind Words

Made Ziba Scott, "Kind Words" (Lo Fi Chill Beats To Write To), may not seem like a game at a first glance since it just makes it players write and receive encouraging letters to each other. But as you dive deeper, you start realizing the power of kind words and how important it is for people going through this pandemic. It’s relaxing and the community is filled with the kindest souls.

Going Under

Oftentimes good humor is hard to find in video games, especially ones that are violent. Thankfully, "Going Under" is able to achieve that by twisting the usual settings of the action-adventure genre. Indeed, the game sees you explore the remnants of failed startups instead of treasure and play the role of a… wait for it, unpaid intern. Genius.

Euro Truck Simulator

Yes, the game is basically what it sounds like: a driving simulator. Surprisingly, however, the game goes deeper beyond that by providing a very relaxing albeit pointless experience. In the game, you’re simply a truck driver and you spend hours trudging roads and cities to deliver cargo and packages. And sometimes that’s just what we need to sink our teeth into.


You may have already heard this one via countless internet memes but there’s a reason why "Fortnite" is a modern classic. At heart, "Fortnite" is a competitive shooting game. What it does differently, however, is its comedic art style and humor. Combine that with seamless game play, and you have yourself the definition of a fun video game. Spend hours on this with your friends.

Video game Video games combine all forms of media, from music, to visual arts, and of course, programming. Anton Porsche/Pixabay