Turn Me On: 7 Strange Sexual Fetishes That Will Blow Your Mind

Sexual fetishes
These weird sexual fetishes — from katoptronophilia to coprophilia — will make you cringe in fear. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

There are plenty of sexual fetishes that range from the common dominant/submissive play to indescribable and unusual. The sexual fixation on fantasies and behaviors toward an inanimate object may be strange but, oddly enough, shared by a handful of people. But fetishes can become an inconvenience for fetishists when they realize they cannot experience arousal without their fetish object.

Although there is not much information about how many people experience a typical sexual desire such as fetishes in the U.S., most scientists believe these fetishes usually begin early in life. According to Janet Hyde and John Delamater’s Understanding Human Sexuality, fetishes can also start after childhood. Fetishes can become a crucial part of someone’s sexual identity but not associated with their sexual orientation or gender expression.

The folks over at Plethrons have rounded up the most unusual sexual fantasies in their YouTube video “Weird Sexual Fetishes” that will probably make you feel normal again.

1. Kleptolagnia

This sexual fetish involves being sexually aroused by stolen objects. The objects stolen are usually small and can be quickly and easily hidden and walked away with. The fetishist then finds a secluded spot and pleasures himself, sometimes using the stolen object.

2. Katoptronophilia

Mirrors get some people going. The fetishist enjoys masturbating in front of a mirror or having total orgies in front of mirrors. Katoptronophiliacs have been known to install mirrors in every room of their house in order to have sex everywhere they can.

3. Ballbusting

Being struck in the groin actually arouses some men, if you can believe it. This fetish involves men who like to get hurt in the testicles and women who like to do the hurting. 

4. Erotic Asphyxiation

This is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal. The fetishist intensifies his orgasm by depriving his body of oxygen. Erotic asphyxiation can be performed by both sexes and can be done alone while masturbating or during sex. The practice can be dangerous, even if performed with care. It has resulted in a significant number of accidental deaths.

5. Zoophilia

This is the sexual enjoyment of intercourse with animals. Both men and women engage in this fetish and have done so since at least the time of Leviticus. Although sex with animals is not outlawed in some countries, it is not explicitly condoned anywhere.

6. Necrophilia

This is the enjoyment of sexual intercourse with dead bodies. The word incorporates sexual intercourse with non-human dead bodies as well. Some people have been known to shoot animals and then engage in intercourse with them. This qualifies for zoophilia as well.

7. Coprophilia

Fetishists get sexual satisfaction from feces. Most coprophiliacs go no further than enjoying the sight of another person defecating, or closely studying the feces. An even weird subcategory of this fetish is called “coprophagia,” which is sexual gratification from eating feces.