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5 Unconventional Ways To Burn Calories And Lose Weight

Many people are counting calories these days and they are not wrong in doing this because burning calories translates to weight loss. Picking the right kind of foods and sweating it out via exercise are the perfect combination to achieving a healthy weight. But if you feel like routine stuff is boring, then you better check out the five unconventional ways to shed some pounds below.


Who would have thought that even the most subtle form of physical activity like fidgeting could help you lose weight? Apparently, tapping fingers on a table, playing with pen or a ring and repeatedly bouncing a leg could boost your metabolic rate.

A study that Healthline found was able to back this claim up. People who fidgeted or moved their body parts in a restless manner were found to have burned more calories on average. But fidgeting alone isn’t the best option to shed some pounds. Experts recommend doing other non-exercise activity thermogenesis like taking the stairs, doing some cleaning at home and even using a standing desk.

Drinking cold water

This may come as a surprise to many people, but some studies have found that drinking cold water can boost the metabolism of normal and overweight people. The science behind this is that the body needs to warm up the water to body temperature, thereby making it do some internal work.

It is important to note that further research is still needed to validate this claim. The positive effect of cold water on the metabolic rate is also said to vary from person to person.

Laughing a lot

Another unconventional way to burn calories is laughing. Experts say the gesture can help improve certain aspects of physical and mental health. Laughing is said to enhance arterial function and immunity and it burns calories, too.

Researchers who studied 45 couples who watched comedy movies discovered that those who laughed increased their metabolic rate by 10 to 20 percent. This suggests that laughing on a regular basis could potentially lead to subtle weight loss and even improve overall health.

Donating blood

This isn’t for everyone but for those who are brave enough and have the passion to help others through blood donation, this one is for you. Getting blood drawn increases the number of calories that you can burn.

When blood exits your circulation, your body works to replenish its blood supply by synthesizing new proteins, red blood cells and other blood components. Studies have also found that blood donation lowers inflammatory markers, increases antioxidant activity and reduces heart disease risk.

However, blood donation isn’t something that you can do everyday. It’s imperative that donors wait at least eight weeks before they can donate again. This is to ensure that the body’s blood supply has been sufficiently replenished.

Chewing gum

Now this is something that almost anyone can do. There are research studies that prove the benefits of chewing gum. Among them is making one feel full and reducing calorie intake during snacks. The simple act also hastens metabolism rate.

One study involving 30 young adults found that chewing gum for 20 minutes after meals increased their metabolic rate. The effect is also very evident when done after an overnight fast. Experts recommend sugar-free gum just so you can also protect your teeth on top of burning some calories.