Underwater Anomaly: Scientists Find Bizzare Object Deep In The Baltic Sea

Ocean X, a scientific diving team in charge of investigating the “Baltic Sea Anomaly” that is an unknown and strange underwater object hundreds of feet in size, recently made another startling discovery.

Initially formed in 1992 when they found the wreck of an American 17 bomber, the Ocean X team’s focus ever since has been to look for hidden treasures and historical artifacts hidden deep beneath our oceans. The team has had numerous significant finds ever since, although none as strange as the discovery they had in 2011, when they first discovered what is now known as the “Baltic Sea Anomaly,” a bizzare formation found 300 feet below the surface, off the coast of Sweden. Oddly enough, the anomaly  appears to be shaped like the famous fictional spaceship Millenium Falcon from the "Star Wars" movie franchise.

Speculations point to the anomaly being either a crashed UFO or a natural underwater formation.

However, years after the mystery remained as is, the team that initially discovered it found another huge object in the Baltic Sea’s Bothnia region. And if that’s not strange enough, the team also experienced unexplained machine failures when they tried to reach the “anomaly 2,” something that also happened while investigating the first Baltic anomaly.

“It was very difficult to understand where the ROV were because of the terrible visibility and because of the compass that went berserk,” said a statement from the group led by Swedish explorer Peter Lindberg . “The compass was living its own life and the tether was snagged all the time.”

Unfortunately, the exploration was cut short due to fuel issues. However, upon analyzing the footage they had, the team was shocked to discover that what their equipment was analyzing wasn’t the second anomaly, but a collection of inexplicable stone “walls” buried in the ocean floor, sticking up around 200mm above the sediment.

According to them, the objects could also be man-made. Still, that didn’t stop conspiracy theorists from forming their own stories about the objects.

“Anything electric out there, and the satellite phone as well, stopped working when we were above the object, then when we got away about 200 metres, it turned on again,” said Stefan Hogerborn, a professional diver with Ocean X .

“Whatever it is, it is something we do not usually find in nature sitting in the dark cold depths of the Baltic Sea.”

So for now, the mystery continues.

UFO Kent Senter says that he wants to spur a discussion about UFOs that yields verifiable scientific results before he loses his battle with terminal multiple myeloma. Central Intelligence Agency/Wi