Vegan Spam: A Good Alternative As The World Continues To Battle Coronavirus Pandemic

As the world starts to flood more interest in alternative protein food sources, a food company aims to meet the demand by launching the first-ever vegan spam.

Food Company Launches First-Ever Vegan Spam

When the world entered into a major lockdown because of the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, one of the industries that immediately took a hit is the food and its supply chain industry. All of a sudden, farms had to close, restaurants had to shut down and grocery trips had to be minimized in order to make sure that everyone stays inside.

Then came the meat shortage since meat farms are also forced to temporarily shut down, with most of their animals getting culled in order to make sure they don’t starve. As an effect, more people stuck inside their homes decided to address this shortage by looking for alternative food sources, leading to an increasing amount of people deciding to give vegetarianism and veganism a try.

As a response to this, OmniFoods has decided to launch Omnipork Luncheon, which is the world’s first-ever vegan spam product. Heralding itself as a new protein source for people who want to eat healthily, the new spam product is now available at a Hong Kong eatery and will soon roll out come summer. In addition to this, David Yeung, the founder of Omnipork and co-founder of advocacy organization Green Monday, announced that the company also plans on launching a plant-based alternative to pork shoulder.

While one of the most popular food products in Asia, Spam is still processed meat, meaning that it poses a lot of long-term risk. Omnipork helps address this by being 49 percent lower in fat and 62 percent lower in sodium. In addition, it’s also cholesterol-free and doesn’t have any carcinogenic nitrates.

"Luncheon meat is a food that everyone in Asia has a love-hate relationship with. Eating isn’t just about filling up our stomachs and absorbing the daily nutrition we need. It’s also about satisfying our cravings. So I am very excited to finally provide a healthier plant-based alternative," Yeung said, adding that the product offers a healthier choice for us.

hamburger-494706_960_720 Luncheon meat in hamburger. Photo by Pixabay (CC0)