Coronavirus In New York: Elderly Patients On Ventilators Reportedly Do Not Survive

People all around the world know that once a person is placed under a ventilator, their chances of living a normal life once more is slim. Worse, it places them in a pretty delicate state where they could even die. Add the COVID-19 situation to all that, and one can just imagine the chances of survival.

There are some cases at present where people would require aid from ventilators. This normally affects people who are at a peak age or dealing with some underlying medical condition. These are the people at high risk of contracting the disease, a reason why senior citizens are discouraged from going outdoors. Now, a new study has come out showing how elderly patients who end up on ventilators do not survive.

The study was published on Lancet, findings of which were consistent with claims from China and Europe. Aside from age, elderly folks dealing with other medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension and heart problems have a high chance of ending up on these machines. Senior author Max O'Donnell was stunned with the findings, deeming it horrific and says that the strain is more than just the flu.

In the research, there were 257 critically ill patients admitted at two hospitals in northern Manhattan between Mar. 2 and Apr. 1 as the focus. The median age of critically ill patients was 62 years, and two-thirds of them were male, the Washington Post reported. Of the patients, 39 percent died on Apr. 28 while 37 percent remain hospitalized. There were no patients aged below 30 who died at the hospitals.

The study also revealed how people may need to pay closer attention when their blood is taken. It appears that associations between a patient’s risk of death and markers for inflammation and coagulation in laboratory analyses of their blood samples are confirmed. There were reports in recent months by doctors that some COVID-19 patients are suffering from clots, one that could lead to strokes or respiratory arrest.  Obesity is another derivative factor, although its role in the strain remains unclear.

The revelation backs up a previous report where people placed in ventilators over at a New York hospital reported an alarming number of deaths. In that post, 90 percent of patients placed on ventilators at the Northwell Health died most with underlying medical health conditions.

patient ventilator Image REUTERS/Daniel Munoz