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Vertical Diet For Weight Loss, Better Energy: Does It Work?

Are you a gym-goer who’s currently in some sort of gym rut? Or are you just a casual everyday man who just started going to the gym and is looking for a helping hand that can guide you into getting the gains you’re dreaming about? If you’re any of the two, then you might benefit from the Vertical diet, which is a performance-based nutrition plan that’s actually developed by a professional powerlifter and bodybuilder.

However, question is... does it work?

The Vertical Diet

Developed by Stan Efferding, an elite powerlifter, the diet promises that it would optimize your gut health, balance hormones, correct any nutritional deficiencies and improve your overall energy, endurance and recovery. Through this, it claims to enhance one’s performance in bodybuilding and powerlifting, as well as more casual weighlifters who just want to gain muscle mass and lose some weight.

Furthermore, the vertical diet also focuses on a few of nutrient-rich and high-quality foods, as opposed to more traditional diets that place emphasis on variety from numerous food groups. However, none of these claims are science-backed.

Potential Benefits

Because a calorie surplus is important for gaining muscle, bodybuilders and serious athletes may benefit from this diet since it focuses on easily digestible foods that make it much easier to eat high-calorie meals more frequently. Furthermore, placing emphasis on one’s carb intake can also help boost their muscle mass while also reducing muscle breakdown.

Furthermore, some individuals may benefit from reduced digestive symptoms due to it, as well as help improve energy and performance.

That being said, the vertical diet also has its own share of downsides, which includes being low in prebiotics, low in fiber and limiting in variety, all of which can make long-term dedication more difficult. It’s also inappropriate for vegans and vegetarians, and can be quite expensive to follow for the long term.

Bottom line, the vertical diet focuses on easily digestible foods to help the body absorb nutrients at a much more efficient manner, which then leads to enhanced performance and energy.

That being said, it’s made for athletes and bodybuilders, and is not recommended for everyday people who don’t work out.

Woman Diet Cutting diet is a weight loss plan that supports weightlifting to lose fat and maintain muscle mass. Pixabay