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Want Your Kid To Be Successful? Do These 5 Things

While parenting can be as easy as riding a bike in the park for others, there are also a lot of people that struggle with it. And it’s a valid struggle since making sure that a person who exists because of you becomes successful in their life is no easy feat. While it may sound daunting and very challenging, it’s not impossible. Here are some things you can do as a parent to help set up your child on that path, per various studies.

Don’t spank kids

The debate around this subject is heavy, yet multiple studies done in the past all point to spanking having detrimental effects on our children. Per the same studies, this can lead to aggressive behavior, which then increases the risk of developing mental health disorders.

Make sure kids sleep properly

This needs no explanation at this point because numerous scientific evidence points out that getting enough sleep is important for children, especially those who are going through their formative years. This helps them properly recharge and guarantees they always perform at their best since they’re not exhausted.

Play with kids

According to researchers, parents that interact with their children (via bonding and playing) affects the development of their oxytocin levels, which is a critical hormone important for mental health. This way, children can better experience the positive effects of the hormone, all while spending time and making memories with their parents.

Limit screen time

This goes hand in hand with getting proper sleep because limiting your child’s screen time can help and is good for their development and health. This might seem tricky at first but understanding that excess with anything is bad will help you become a better parent.

Be warm and accepting

According to a previous study, children who have warm and loving mothers are less likely to become abusive people later in their lives. Being a warm and loving dad can also help your child break out of gender norms that might otherwise limit them from becoming a person who’s open to talking about their feelings.

Parenting A new study found suggestions that help couples combat a sudden deterioration in their relationship while taking care of a baby. Pexels/Pixabay