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Want To Lose Weight Fast This 2020? Try The Keto Diet

The latter half of January 2020 has just started, and for many people, this means that there’s still enough time to look for a diet that they can follow for the rest of the year to help them achieve better health and weight loss.

But not all diets are created equal, and with so many out there, it can be hard to choose.

So we did the choosing for you and we chose the ketogenic diet.

Also known as the keto diet, this diet type is well known for helping promote weight loss via ketosis, as well as provide some other additional benefits. And while some experts have expressed negative sentiments towards it, it’s actually very safe, quick and effective, given that you do it properly.

So without further ado here’s the diet that you just might be looking for.

The Ketogenic Diet

Often touted as another health craze that would soon fade, the ketogenic diet gained its name by being a quick and effective diet strategy. But how does it help you lose weight?

The diet does this by pushing your body to enter ketosis, which is a process that occurs when you reduce your carb intake to around 30-50g a day. By eating less than you need, your body would then tap into your fat stores, burning them for energy and therefore helping you lose weight. Simple enough, right?

“While most of your body runs happily on fat, your brain has a protective barrier that fats can’t cross, so your liver converts some fats into chemicals that are allowed in, called ketones (hence ‘ketosis’), which become your brain’s main source of energy,” LighterLife, a weight loss company who believes keto is an important diet strategy, explained.

Here’s some more of its benefits:

  1. Fast weight loss – Given that you keep your body in ketosis, this diet can help you lose weight faster than any diet.
  2. Beneficial – Research suggests keto can help manage various health conditions, such as neurological disorders.
  3. No physical hunger pangs – When you’re in ketosis, “hunger” is merely driven by thoughts and feelings, not your actual body.

Keto Health experts consider keto diet as helpful to maintain cholesterol levels, blood sugar and brain health. Pixabay