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Watermelon, Starchy Veggies Good For Gut Health: What You Need To Know

Researchers have found evidence that links gut health to autoimmune diseases. Studies said that proper functioning of the digestive system is reflective of the individual’s immunity. So therefore, malfunctioning guts are said to increase the risk of cancer, depression, endocrine disorders and skin conditions.  

The symptoms range from bloating, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, difficulty in digesting food and heartburn. It could also manifest in lack of sleep and fatigue. Hence, lifestyle changes should be one of the first steps in improving gut health. Some of the necessary actions to impact gut health positively include bringing down stress levels, reducing caffeine intake, eating slowly and staying hydrated.  

Most importantly, improved dietary habits are required to change gut health since the two are closely linked. Processed, high-fat and high-sugar foods damage the healthy microbiome and instead stimulate the growth of bad bacteria. 

Why We Need Watermelons For Gut Health

However, there are some healthy foods that can be consumed to promote the growth of healthy bacteria needed to maintain good gut health. In a recent article published by a particular food and travel website, Tracy Lockwood-Beckerman, a registered dietician, recommended an unusual fiber rich fruit, just perfect for the summer since it can also keep the body hydrated. 

She said two standard servings of watermelons contain 4 percent of fiber. Since women need about 25 percent of fiber on a daily basis, watermelons are a good choice. Insoluble fiber is required to add bulk to stool as well as to maintain regular bowel movements, and watermelons rightly contain both soluble and insolube fibers.  

About 92 percent of watermelon is made of water, and that not only provides hydration, but also keeps the digestive tract working systematically. According to Healthline, fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and water are good for efficient functioning of the bowel movements. An important reason to stay hydrated is because it is good for the mucosal lining of the intestines, while simultaneously balancing good gut bacteria needed for its proper functioning. 

Why We Need Starchy Vegetables For Gut Health

While planning meals, it is important to pick the right vegetables. When considering the gut's functioning, the starchy ones with complex carbohydrates that are converted into sugar can be avoided. This is because vegetables with resistant starch are better since they travel across to the large intestine when digested, where it becomes food for good bacteria, promoting efficient gut health. 

The best choices of non-carbohydrates starchy vegetables are lima beans, water chestnuts, fresh corn, artichokes, red skin potatoes and butternut squash among others. They help probiotics thrive in the gut and promote overall good health and longetivity.  

Watermelon People struggling with hypertension should add watermelon to help control their blood pressure. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock