Should You Wear Dark Or Light Clothes This Summer Season?

Many states have been feeling hotter temperatures in the U.S. as summer continues to bring heat waves. This is the season when more people spend more of their time outside but health problems also rise during hot days, such as heat stroke, bug bites, dehydration and skin problems. 

The East Coast has been experiencing off-the-charts heat, with temperatures reaching 90 degrees and higher. Health experts have been releasing warnings that staying under the sun for a long period of time could cause heat-related illnesses.

Officials recommend that people stay in cool areas and try to maintain normal body temperature to avoid health problems during summer. There are many ways to stay cool despite feeling the heat wave. 

Getting the proper clothes before you go out is important. Parents used to tell their kids to wear light-colored shirts when spending time outdoors to reduce the effects of heat. 

However, darker colors may actually work better to keep your body cool. That is because the color of the clothing affects how it reflects or emits light. 

Adding a little physics, darker shirts can absorb more light, allowing it to take more heat from the sun as well as the heat from the body. The wind can also make the body cooler for people wearing dark clothes. 

Winds traveling 7 mph or faster can remove the heat absorbed by the shirt, according to KMIZ. Better use loose-fitting clothes to give your skin a space to feel the air. 

Walking outside in white lighter-color clothes can also work to keep you cool. But it may not offer the same benefits like dark shirts. 

Light shirts reflect sunlight back into the environment. However, it may not make you cooler as it also reflects body heat back to the skin. 

That is because lighter-colored objects absorb less photons. 

Black shirts can be your best choice for summer since it also protects the body against ultraviolet. It is important to know that the darker the color, the more protection the clothing provides, while the lighter it is, the less protection it gives since it takes more sunlight.

Girl Physics suggests wearing darker clothes works better than light-colored shirts in keeping the body cool during summer and in high temperatures. Pixabay