This Wearable Helps You Focus Better During The Workday

Like it or not, the usual workday is filled with countless distractions that threaten our productivity and stop us from doing what we need to do. From the countless people that pass by the window to social media websites and your phone buzzing every now and then, as well as the plant on the other aisle that for some reason, you just want to really look at, things that can stop you from working are aplenty. And the way the modern world is built is to help distract you more, what with the digital age making everything accessible in a single click in full swing. In fact, studies even show that every 3 minutes that we get distracted can easily add up to around 31 days every year that we lose.

This is especially harder when the clock is ticking and you’re trying to meet the daily headlines lest you don’t want to jeep anymore. And this is the exact reason that the makers of FOCI have in mind when designing the device. Clip on your waist, the FOCI is dubbed as a “focus-boosting” device, and is designed to help get your focus back on track and stay that way. 

Simply place it on your waist and let it track your different cognitive states, which it does by using a stream of colored orbs that will act as your guide when it comes to understanding your body, mind and habits better. For example, losing focus would make the orbs change color, and you can review how your cognitive states changed throughout the day.

Using cutting-edge meditative biofeedback technology, FOCI can also be used to pre-empt distraction by customizing the nudges to help cut distractions short, all while pacing your breath and tuning your attention to help maintain focus for a longer time.

As such, FOCI can give the tools and means to help you keep your focus and help yourself develop better habits that you can keep for life. Made to help our focus that usually wonders, people who are interested can get it now for only $69 instead of the usual $119.

focusing People who suffer from anxiety have a harder time focusing, not because they're less capable, but because their minds are in overdrive and are more likely to experience burnout. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock