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Weed Overdose First Aid: 6 Things To Do When You Get Too High

Marijuana offers a number of health benefits when taken in right doses. But too much in your system can cause anxiety or make you paranoid.

Cannabis overdose can affect your head and give you an uncomfortable experience. Being too high may occur when people accidentally ingested too much cannabis or a person just enjoyed it so much that he or she smoked more than average. 

But what if you or someone near is already showing signs of cannabis overdose? Below are the things to do when you are in such a situation. 

1. Use Black Pepper

Black pepper is a simple household ingredient that can help reduce the effects of paranoia and anxiety. Snorting or ingesting a few black peppercorns could help provide instantaneous relief, according to Leafly

2. Stay Calm

DO NOT FREAK OUT. That is one of the first things to do when you get too high. Cannabis overdose commonly makes people think that they are going to die. Clinically, you’re not. Keep thinking that you will not die.

3. Sugar 

Another home remedy for an intense high is taking a couple teaspoons of sugar. You can mix it with an 8 ounce glass of water to counteract the THC effect.

4. Stay Hydrated

Water alone has a good effect to combat dry mouth and other impacts of too much marijuana in your system. Drinking water would also help you focus on other things to do when you get too high. You can also try juice or any other cold beverage but non-caffeinated, according to Lifehacker

5. Find a Distraction

The more time a person spends alone while too high could lead to being more anxious. Look for a distraction or any activity that would require your focus, such as watching TV, playing games or reading. Consider common activities that have been helping you relax and combat stress on a normal day. 

6. Sleep

If you can’t find a distraction or the black pepper did not work, go to bed and sleep. This should help reduce the intense high. Just add some mellow music to help calm your mind. 

But the best way to deal with being too high is to avoid it. Control your intake of marijuana. Always check edibles before eating and monitor your consumption. Better to wait an hour or two before taking more to see how it affects you.

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