Weight Loss Tip: Skip Breakfast Before Exercise

Have you been working out actively in the past months but your weight seems to be the same since day one? Your breakfast could be the problem. 

A new study, published in The Journal of Nutrition, suggests that eating food in the morning before exercise plays a key role in weight management. Researchers from the University of Bath in England and partner institutions suggested that people could lose weight faster and exercise better if they skip breakfast.

This is because the brain compensates for the energy used during exercise by eating more or moving less for the rest of the day. The body received biological signals that trigger hunger or discourage movement. The new study states that skipping breakfast before exercise could help prevent such compensation. 

For the study, the researchers observed 12 healthy, active young men. Each participant reported to University of Bath’s exercise lab on three separate mornings, according to the New York Times.

In their first visit, the men ate a hearty, 430-calorie bowl of oatmeal and rested for several hours. On the second day, the researchers fed them the same porridge before riding a bike moderately for an hour, while on the third visit, the participants skipped the porridge before cycling. 

After each visit to the lab, the men took food baskets and were asked to eat only from the basket and return uneaten portions. This way the researchers monitored their daily calories.

Analysis of data showed that the men who skipped breakfast before exercise were interested only in more calories than other lab visits. At the end of the day, they also maintained an energy deficit of nearly 400 calories, indicating they regained some of the calories they burned while riding. 

Javier Gonzalez, study leader and a senior lecturer at the University of Bath, said the findings mean working out on an empty stomach in the morning could help prevent people from overeating later on the day while experiencing calorie deficits. If the process continues, it could then lead to weight loss. 

The researchers hope to conduct more trials to further see the direct link between breakfast and appetite.

Breakfast Weight management is among the major factors that affect exercise and goals to shed some pounds. Pixabay