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What’s Hydrogen Water? 4 Health Benefits You Need To Know

The debate over the effects of hydrogen water is growing. Many people have been claiming it works to improve their health while critics describe it as an expensive product with no benefits. 

This type of water contains additional hydrogen molecules. Hydrogen works in the body by preventing oxidative stress and cell damage. It simply acts as an antioxidant. 

However, critics said hydrogen water sellers lack scientific backing for the product’s health benefits. There is little research done focused on its effects. 

This article explores the benefits of hydrogen water as reported by proponents and the issues facing the product. 

Health Effects Of Hydrogen Water

Improves Heart Health

A study in China reported that drinking hydrogenated water for 10 weeks could help cut total and bad cholesterol levels in people who have metabolic syndrome. This type of water also appeared effective to reduce inflammation and boost good cholesterol that support heart health, according to

Supports Performance

Researchers in Italy previously found that hydrogenated water works better than regular water to increase the physical performance of cyclists during exercise. Other studies also suggested that athletes may see faster muscle recovery after drinking hydrogen water.

Fights Oxidative Stress

As mentioned earlier, hydrogen is known for preventing oxidative stress. This natural antioxidant can help neutralize free radicals and block cell damage, which both may trigger certain diseases. 

Other conditions that can be prevented by antioxidants are heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Promotes Better Mood

People may also enhance their mental health and mood with hydrogen water, according to previous reports. In one study, a Japanese team found that consumption of such water for four weeks could affect the central nervous system to enhance mood, reduce symptoms of anxiety and improve certain nerve functions.

Hydrogen Water Health Risks

Despite being reported to be healthy and effective, there can still be risk when drinking hydrogen water. There is a limited scientific backing and researchers have yet to determine its long-term effects. 

Some experts said that future research should focus on potential hydrogen water side effects and how the product directly affects the body. 

water Hydrogen water has been getting more attention due to the growing number of people reporting its health benefits. Pixabay