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Whole30 Diet: Things You Need To Know Before Starting This Eating Plan

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions this 2020 is to lose weight by way of dieting. But given the numerous eating programs out there, it’s really hard to choose which one to follow. The Whole30 diet is one of the few that’s getting a lot of traction these days. But is it safe?

The Whole30 diet, which was founded by Melissa Hartwig Urban a decade ago, is focused on identifying an individual’s intolerances that could negatively impact his or her health. In its core, the diet transforms one’s relationship with food by dictating what to eat and what not to eat, as per mindbodygreen.

However, there are certain things you should know about this diet if you plan to practice it this 2020. For one thing, this is a very tedious diet that centers on the process of elimination. Though it does not require measuring food and counting calories, you will need to read a lot of labels to identify if the ingredients in them are safe for your body and your fitness goals.

The Whole30 diet is also not about weight loss. It does more than that. It’s an eating plan designed to help improve your relationship with different types of food, as well as manage inflammation and nurture your gut. By choosing the ingredients wisely, you will discover how your body reacts to certain types of food.

It is also worth noting that the Whole30 diet comes with certain risks and dangers just like other diets out there. First and foremost, it could mess up with your digestion. Given that you will be choosing the nutrients and ingredients to consume, your gut may react negatively to new compounds that you will be introducing to it.

Additionally, this diet could make cravings worse. Since the program involves eliminating certain types of food, you might find yourself craving for desserts and sweets after a week or two of following the Whole30 diet. “When you overly restrict the diet, it can set up unhealthy eating behaviors and attitudes,” according to nutritionist Sharon Palmer.

Lastly, the Whole30 diet is not sustainable. Even the eating program’s own website says that it is only good for 30 days. Palmer said that this makes the diet “problematic,” seeing that it is incapable of imparting a  healthy eating habit that’s sustainable for its followers.

Woman Diet Cutting diet is a weight loss plan that supports weightlifting to lose fat and maintain muscle mass. Pixabay