Why 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Is The Ideal Video Game Escape

As we continue to navitage the real world and the global virus pandemic that it’s trying to get past through, an increasing amount of people are turning to other means for some escapism, be it meditation, movies, books or video games, which reports are saying have exponentially spiked up due to the amount of people that are staying inside their homes as advised.

And in a trouble-ridden world where a virus pandemic is proving to be more dangerous than the worsening climate crisis, the newest video game offering from Japanese game company Nintendo is, for reasons more than one, a sanctuary.

Aptly titled “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” the game is a lighthearted and joyful romp that echoes back to simpler times, which is basically a few months ago before the pandemic started.

As for the game, it begins with your customizable character earning a trip to what’s basically a deserted island owned by Tom Nook, a raccoon-like entrepreneur who basically gives you the pass to mold the island to your own liking.

What follows is basically one of the most immersive, quirky, surprisingly deep and addicting gameplay loop that will have you fishing, exploring, crafting, designing your own tent (which then turns into a house) and making friends with the other villagers that will also gift you with “DIY” recipes.

And if that’s not enough to reel you in, AC is essentially a vacation in a video game since you spend a lot of time doing things like fishing, catching insects, collecting seashells, planting trees and flowers and many more. There are also discoveries that would lead to creating a museum or even your own mansion.

Additionally, the game also works in real time, which means that if it’s night in the real world, it also is in the game, and vice versa.

Part of a tried-and-tested long-standing franchise by Nintendo, the game couldn’t have come at a better time, especially with most people these days quarantined in their houses with nothing to do. Amid all the anxiety and worry, the game provides a much-needed breathing space that all of us need.

Video game Video games combine all forms of media, from music, to visual arts, and of course, programming. Anton Porsche/Pixabay