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Why You’re Gaining Weight Despite Working Out

You wake up early every morning, go for a run after work and visit the gym regularly. You keep yourself busy working out to achieve your body goals but despite all the sweat and hard work you have been struggling to lose weight.

Why? Many fitness articles said exercise will help you shed extra fats, yet your weight loss plan is not working well. 

But your case is normal. There are other people who also struggle to cut weight even after trying an extreme and cardio-based workout. 

One study suggested that there are a number of factors preventing people from losing weight during exercise. This article explores those reasons that you must know to improve your body and health. 

Lack of Water

Water plays a key role in staying fit and healthy. The lack of fluid during exercise can lead to eating more food. 

In some cases, people mistake thirst for hunger. Having a balanced water consumption should help manage your meals and keep you hydrated for more energy to exercise. 

You’re Now Watching Your Calories

Despite working hard in the gym you still gain weight because you are not managing your appetite well. A recently released study showed that people commonly lose less weight when they rely on an increase in appetite to exercise.

“When you start working out, your body starts burning more calories,” Torey Armul, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, told “And when you burn more calories, your body naturally wants to compensate by eating more calories to make up for what you’re burning.”

You Have Bad Workout Snacks 

Those small snacks before and after exercise could significantly affect your weight loss plan. You might have been eating processed foods that contain high amounts of sugars, such as cookies and chips. 

Replace them with healthy snacks, such as fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats. 

High Amounts of Protein or Carbs

Armul explained that high consumption of protein and carbs could lead to weight gain because of extra calories. She said working out for less than an hour will not require extra intake of carbs or protein. 

Health Issue

If you are closely watching your diet and hydration but you still find it hard to lose some weight, there could be an internal problem. Health issues affecting the thyroid and some medications are known for causing weight gain.

Consult a doctor to know about your condition and to get immediate treatment. 

You Move Less Before or After Workout

You believe that your gym time alone can help you cut extra fats. What you do before and after exercise also affects your body. 

If you spend an hour in the gym but stays less active for the rest of the day, you may see little progress. Moving throughout the day by simply walking or taking the stairs would help you sweat and burn some calories. 

“The most common mistake is that people will work out and then their other daily exercise goes down,” Jason Machowsky, a clinical supervisor of performance services at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, said. 

Exercise Regular exercise offers a number of benefits, from better health, bonding to better understanding your body. Pixabay