Why Is Lamborghini Sending Things Into Space?

Back in the year 1987, the American comic science fiction film "Spaceballs" by Mel Brooks featured an actual Winnebago slowly traversing the deep, deep annals of outer space in search of fame and adventure. A year before, the animated film based on the TV show of the same name "Transformers" saw sentient robots that turn into cars and vehicles battle it out in outer space as well. Come the year 2018 and SpaceX CEO and personality Elon Musk sent an actual Tesla into orbit, starting out as the dummy payload for the Falcon Heavy test flight, and actually ending up as an artificial satellite of the Sun.

So what’s next?

Well, if you’ve observed the pattern and had your money on an Italian company and their famous, sleek supercars taking their turn to explore the cosmos, then dinner’s on us.

That’s because according to a new report from CNN, world-renowned Italian carmaker Lamborghini is reportedly sending carbon fiber materials out into space and into the International Space Station, where it will supposedly be tested in order to monitor and analyze the effects of cosmic radiation. Per the car manufacturer, this is supposedly in preparation for new cars that might use the technology, as well as for the possible use in artificial limbs in the future.

According to the manufacturer, the carbon fiber materials will be on the ISS for approximately a year and a half because it will be placed in conditions that it will never experience here on the comforts of our planet. Long-term effects are also put into consideration, which would explain the time it will be spending out in the space laboratory. Per a press release, this is made possible by collaboration on the part of Lamborghini along with the Houston Methodist Research Institute.

Although it's groundbreaking in its own right, this venture by Lamborghini is also part of a longer tradition, since carmakers are more involved in space exploration more than you might know. For example, GM, Ford and Chrysler were all involved in the first Moon landing, while GM itself have had a long relationship with U.S. space agency NASA.

luxury-sports-car-1043627_960_720 Lamborghini is known for their luxury supercars. Photo by Pixabay (CC0)