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Why Nurses Should Take More Mental Health Days

People across the world deal with occupation stress every day, and the gravity of it does not come as a surprise anymore. A nurse’s work environment is one of those places that is filled with emotional and physical tension.

Because of this, more nurses are starting to suffer from mental health disorders, which has become a severe problem over the past years. It is quite ironic how the hospital, a place that is known to treat illnesses, has transformed into something that provokes it.

A recent study was made by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative regarding the number of nurses who suffer this painful reality. It revealed that nurses experience clinical depression at twice the rate of the general public, which is an alarming premise in itself. This means that while depression triggers around 9 percent of the general population, this enervating mental disorder disrupts the health of approximately 18 percent of nurses all over the world.

The medical field, which includes the nursing field, is a complicated area of expertise. It provides care to strangers who cannot recognize certain circumstances and other responsibilities. It is a place that requires a lot of energy, patience, real dedication, knowledge and pronounced skills. No wonder that stress can easily result in the development of mental disorders.

Nurses have to continuously deal with extreme work conditions like being understaffed, as well as putting up with verbal and physical harassment by both patients and doctors alike. All of these conditions can significantly impact the mental state of a person.

While depression is considered a dangerous condition alone, nurses are also acquainted with the degrading aftermaths of anxiety. In this sense, nurses deserve more mental health days.

Regardless of how much one enjoys the job, specific tasks can still have lasting impediments if executed for extended periods without ever sitting down to rest. Also, it is essential to consider the health of medical professionals, the individuals who are most careful in keeping an eye out for one's well-being.

To change our perspective toward the promotion of self-care, it is necessary to inform others of the reasons as to why this kind of work environment for nurses should be an alarming sign.

Measles Sonya Yanchuk, age 1, sits in her mother Nadia Yanchuk's lap as nurse Mariana Gonchara (L) administers a measles vaccine shot in health clinic № 10 on May 15, 2019 in Kiev, Ukraine. Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images