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Why Some People Feel Bloated After Intense Exercise

It is normal that people feel either drained or energetic after an intense exercise. But some may experience bloating as a post-workout feeling. 

What you feel depends on your nutrition, hydration and even the environment. Water retention is the most common cause of bloating after working out, according to NDTV.

Bloating can cause pain, discomfort and a "stuffed" feeling. It can interfere with your ability to work after an exercise and interact with other people. 

It is important to know why it occurs after strenuous activities to avoid the same feeling in the future. 

Top Causes Of Post-Workout Bloating


The effects of dehydration may force your stomach to retain water to compensate for lack of it. That could then lead to bloating as the body’s response to reduced fluids.

Drink enough water before workout to avoid dehydration and bloating at the same time. 


Too much water may also contribute to bloating. Drinking too much water during high intensity exercise can dilute sodium in the body.

Drinking excessive amounts of water too quickly while still sweating heavily may make your cells retain water, making you feel bloated after working out. 


Another reason that people feel stuffed after intense exercise is inflammation. It occurs when the body sends extra fluid to tissues to repair itself and to support recovery.

But having excess fluid in the body can make you feel heavier than you did before a workout.


Aside from what you consume before and during workout, where you do it may also play a role in bloating. Working out in areas that expose you to excessive heat could make you feel bloated. 

It commonly occurs in hot weather or indoors without proper ventilation. When sweating, the body releases more sodium and water, which can lead to water retention because of loss of fluids. 

Your Body Is New To Intense Exercise

Bloating may be common among people who just started or returned to intense exercise. That is because the body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol during exercise, which affects fluid levels and promotes water retention. 

Exercise and bloating People may experience bloating as a post-workout feeling because of problems with nutrition, hydration and even the environment. Pexels

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