Why Using Mascara Daily Is Not Good For The Eyes

Daily application of mascara actually hurts the eyelids, which consequently hurts the eyes.

The eyelid is composed of three glands namely water, mucus and oil. Among the three glands, oil is found to play the most essential role. 

The oil is the glossy part around the eyes that traps water and keeps your eye sufficiently hydrated. However, if these oil glands become defective, they are not able to keep the water on the eyes and cause it to dry.

This happens in people who complain of experiencing eye dryness yet are still tearing up. “What’s happening there is the eye likely doesn't have enough oil to keep the water in," James Chelnis, MD, oculofacial plastic surgeon and assistant clinical professor at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai, said.

Mascara applied to the eyelashes could actually clog the pores in the eyes, consequently impeding the production of oil. When mascara is not washed off, it could result to less oil production around the area.

According to Dr. Chelnis, this could not only cause eye dryness but sties and inflammation to the eyelids too.

"Any chemical on the face can be irritating and can weaken the hair, but it isn't terrible," Dr. Mona Gohara, board-certified dermatologist, said. However, removal of the makeup thins the hair fast.

Taking off mascara too rough would make your eyelashes become sparse, thus making the eyes vulnerable to dust particles as you lose some of the curved protective hairs on the edges of your eyelids.

Dr. Keira Barr, founder of Resilient Health Institute said that it’s all about being conscious enough of how you are applying mascara, cleaning it off and making certain that you are being gentle.

"Removing mascara on a daily basis is extremely important to minimize irritation and inflammation,” Dr. Barr said.

What people do is that they rub the makeup off while washing their face. Taking off mascara is harder than removing other makeup and this could cause shedding a few strands of your eyelashes.

The best way to clean off the eye makeup before washing your face is being extra gentle. Also, utilizing products that are made to remove the substance could help too, such as olive oil.

Mascara on a woman's eyes Before you bat your eyelashes, find out what are the common ingredients found in commercial mascaras that can potentially harm your health. Camila Zanon

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