Summer has ushered in beach trips and weekends lying poolside, making this time of year prime bikini and waxing season. If you've never gone in for the grooming ritual, you probably have some questions about what to expect, and exactly how much it hurts. Of course you should be comfortable talking to your waxer, but we got a few answers for you about common (and weird) waxing concerns by chatting with two salon owners: Summer Vasilas, cofounder of national studio Waxing The City; and Julia Davydov, co-founder of the Wax Club salon in New York City.

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How Bad Will It Hurt? 

Vasilas: There are horror stories out there about painful Brazilian waxes. It’s true that the first time someone waxes, it will be a bit more painful, but with regular waxes, it gets easier. I always tell my clients, “If it didn’t get easier, people wouldn’t continue to come back and get waxed.”  That being said though, most first-timers all leave saying, “That didn’t hurt as bad as I expected it to!”  

What Misconception Do Most People Believe?

Vasilas: Waxing can/will make your hair grow back thicker/darker. There is no science behind this. Hair growth is affected by hormones [influenced by] puberty, age and menopause. So it depends on when you start waxing and any hormonal changes. People will sometimes associate hair changes to waxing.

What If I Have To Pass Gas?

Vasilas: Hey it happens, you can’t always control your body.

Do You Wax Hair Around The Nipples?

Vasilas: It’s not a weird or funny question but I think people feel weird about asking. Don’t. Yes, we wax hair around the nipples.

Can I Still Get My Wax During My Period?

Davydov: If you’re comfortable with it, we’re also very, very comfortable with it. As long as you’re wearing a Tampax and not in pain, we’re good to go. Women are much more sensitive if they’re about to get their period, during their period, or a few days after, so we always recommend to take a painkiller like an hour before the procedure.

Do I have To Get Naked While Getting A Brazilian Wax?

Davydov: Yes, we always tell them that it’s better if you do, but if you’re not comfortable we can give you disposable underwear.

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Can You Get Burned If The Wax Is Too Hot?

Davydov: No, because the wax temperature is always standard. Sometimes people take medication or they have some skin condition that can make their skin sensitive and can incur a red patch, but wax doesn’t burn your skin.

Does Waxing Cause Wrinkles?

Davydov: Absolutely not. They [clients] think if you pull the skin it stretches the skin out and can cause wrinkles or looseness of the skin. It doesn’t pull the skin as much it grabs onto the hair and pulls the hair.

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