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Woman Starts Eating Animal Brains After Vegan Diet Left Her Weak

Growing up in Budapest, nutrition consultant Natalie Daniels used to consume a modern Mediterranean diet, which meant that she ate a lot of meat and dairy products.

However, she gave up all of that meat (everything except fish) when she decided to adopt a pescatarian diet in her 20s. And while it had good intentions, the decline in meat made her health decline as well, pushing her to go full vegan and give up fish, eggs and dairy from her diet altogether.

This meant that to meet her nutritional needs, she cooked her meals from scratch and took a lot of vitamins and supplements. Instead of reaping the benefits of the diets and supplements, she became weaker, eventually losing muscle tone, became pale and had dark circles in her eyes.

It was then that Natalie was diagnosed with a thyroid condition, on top of sensitive teeth, brain fog, scalp eczema, hair loss, and constipation. She also developed joint pain, with it being so bad that she was barely able to hold a glass of water.

And so, Natalie decided to overhaul the diet in 2015 and started eating meat again, 12 years after being vegetarian and vegan for three.

She then discovered and adopted the Paleolithic ketogenic diet (PKD) in January 2018, which makes her eat nothing but animal products at a 2:1 fat to protein ratio. As a result, she now gets to enjoy a slew of animal products, which includes the usual red meat, raw lamb, pork ribs, liver, brain, ribeye steak, beef tartare and broths made from boiling animal offcuts.

According to her, the change is incredible, with Natalie losing all her health problems within merely a year.

“There are many dangers of following a vegan diet. Excess consumption of carbohydrates will eventually give rise of health issues. I had absolutely nothing to lose by giving carnivore a chance. A meat-based diet is what humans are designed to eat. It healed me 100 percent. I am now totally symptom-free. People who have known me for many years cannot argue with the fact that I look healthy now, compared to my plant-based years,” she said in an interview.

Vegan Animal welfare groups call for people to go vegan to avoid further pandemics in the future. Pixabay